Former State Ward Finds Inspiration in Teaching

Inspiration from Educators

Cassia Lecky, a 25-year-old educator, attributes her career choice to the numerous teachers who influenced her throughout her academic journey. Encouraged by their impact, Lecky embarked on a path to become an educator herself. With two years of teaching experience under her belt, she reflects on the meaningful contributions she has made to the lives of her students.

Fulfilling Impact

In her role at Greater Portmore High School in St Catherine, Lecky teaches information technology, electronic document preparations, management, data operations, and principles of business to students spanning grades nine to 11. She also guides students in preparation for Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations.

Empowering Student Success

Witnessing her students succeed brings Lecky immense joy and fulfillment. As someone who grew up in state care and attended Annotto Bay High School in St Mary, Lecky’s journey to becoming a teacher was deeply influenced by her experiences and the impactful role teachers played in her life.

A Journey of Empathy and Understanding

Lecky’s background in state care enhances her ability to connect with her students on a profound level. Understanding their challenges from firsthand experience enables her to provide meaningful support and guidance.

A Passion for Giving Back

Motivated by her desire to give back and inspired by the transformative impact of educators, Lecky sees teaching as a meaningful way to pay it forward. Her journey from student to teacher exemplifies the power of education to uplift and inspire.

Lecky’s commitment to empowering her students reflects her dedication to fostering growth, resilience, and success in the classroom and beyond.