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$1 Million Reward for Information Leading to the Safe Return of Dancehall Artist ‘Medikk’


Urgent Appeal: $1 Million Reward for Information Leading to the Safe Return of Dancehall Artist ‘Medikk’

Millicent McCurdy, a prominent businesswoman, has doubled the reward to an astonishing $1 million for any information that can help locate her daughter, dancehall artist and entrepreneur Stephanie ‘Medikk’ Williams, who has been missing for 17 days.

In a heartfelt plea, McCurdy expressed her frustration with the lack of progress in the case and urged the police to prioritize her daughter’s disappearance. Read on to learn more about this urgent situation and how you can help.


The Increased Reward: Millicent McCurdy has increased the reward for information regarding her daughter’s disappearance from $500,000 to $1 million. “Somebody, somewhere knows what happened to my daughter, and I intend to find out,” McCurdy emphasized. Despite the initial reward, no new information has emerged regarding Stephanie’s whereabouts, and there has been no communication or ransom demand.

Stephanie ‘Medikk’ Williams: Stephanie, also known as ‘Medikk,’ is a 29-year-old dancehall artist and entrepreneur. She was last seen wearing a black blouse, black tights, and a pair of black shoes. Stephanie is of brown complexion, has a slim build, and stands approximately 5 feet 7 inches tall.

How You Can Help: If you have any information that may lead to Stephanie’s safe return, please call 311. The increased reward of $1 million is available to anyone who provides valuable information that assists in locating her.

A Mother’s Plea to the Commissioner of Police: Millicent McCurdy wrote a heartfelt letter to the Commissioner of Police, Major General Antony Anderson, expressing her disappointment with the progress of the investigation. She emphasized that the case has not been treated as a top priority, and resources have not been allocated adequately. McCurdy appealed to the Commissioner’s humanity and asked for his personal intervention to prioritize her daughter’s case as a ‘first priority.’

In her letter, she highlighted the need for technology, such as cell phone tracking, to aid in the investigation and bring her daughter home safely. McCurdy stressed the emotional toll this situation has taken on her family and implored the Commissioner to consider the gravity of the situation.

The search for Stephanie ‘Medikk’ Williams continues, and time is of the essence. Millicent McCurdy’s unwavering determination to find her daughter underscores the urgency of this matter.

If you have any information that can help locate Stephanie, please come forward. Your involvement could make a significant difference in reuniting this family and bringing comfort in this challenging time.

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