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Jonathan Grant High sparkles with red carpet welcome for students


In what is believed to have been a first among schools in Jamaica, the administration at Jonathan Grant High School in the heart of Spanish Town, St Catherine on Monday rolled out a red carpet reception for its students for the new school year.

The move, which was as surprising as the inspiration it has generated among many from near and far, has taken a big spotlight on Facebook, where photos of the students and their parents walking the roughly 50-metre-long red carpet were posted by the school.

Principal Ankle greets a student at the first day of school. 

Still bubbling with excitement over the huge and highly emotional reception to the initiative, school principal, Dr O’Neil Ankle, on Wednesday told Loop News that he and the school have been getting calls from people with connections to the school from across the world in response to the nostalgic move, which was simply geared at inspiring the students.

Dr. Ankle said the plan was to give the students a different sort of reception for the new school year, in an effort to really inspire them to strive for excellence in their educational endeavors.

“We wanted them to feel really appreciated, with some glitz and glamour in there for education, and it certainly worked, even for the parents who came with them and got to walk the red carpet too,” said Dr. Ankle.

In true Jamaican parlance, he said ‘sell off’.

Johnathan Grant rolls out red carpet for students

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